SMS Marketing

Did you know that an average of 95% of SMS messages are opened within the 1st hour?

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing is an easy and cost effective way to drive business.
Mobile communication
Today, marketing requires more than just SEO and list acquisition. Mobile communication allows reaching your customer instantly and with great rewards. Businesses are adopting more powerful technologies to communicate with their customers.
Customers respond much faster to text messages than any other form of communication.
SMS Campaigns
Our platform is powerful and easy to use, allowing you to launch your SMS Campaigns in seconds, right from your browser or API connection.

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SMS Campaigns

You can:

  • Instantly Reach your Audience wherever they are,
  • P2P & A2P SMS conversations,
  • Award winning SMS platform,
  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees,
  • Send 100,000's SMS daily,
  • Keyword Driven SMS,
  • Stay in Compliance with Opt-In & Opt-Out Regulations,
  • Manage Multiple SMS Campaigns,
  • 2-Way SMS Capabilities,
  • Tier-based rates by volume,
  • Instant & PreScheduled Campaign sending,
  • Controlled Pacing of SMS Delivery
  • SMS Enabled Phone Numbers and/or Short Code, as needed
  • An average of 95% of SMS messages are opened within the 1st hour.